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Detection and Traffic Control for Smarter Cities

FLIR cameras, sensors, and software revolutionize how traffic flows on roadways around the world. Our unique, field-proven solutions help vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles move safely and smoothly through complex urban environments.

Signal Control

Reliable vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian detection paired with V2X and artificial intelligence capabilities outperform conventional presence sensors for safer, smoother intersection control.

Data Analysis

Generate detailed, highly visual reports from a continuous data stream. Insight from FLIR sensors facilitates better-informed city planning decisions to reduce near-miss areas and bottlenecks.

Flir Incident Response

Incident Response

Quickly alert emergency personnel to incidents on roadways and in tunnels. FLIR AID cameras detect collisions, stopped vehicles, wrong-way drivers, and more in challenging conditions.

Flir Public Transportation

Public Transportation

Detect activity around platforms and tracks, monitor seat occupancy on buses and trains, and quickly respond to onboard fires with solutions for public transit.


Flir Fundamental


The evolution of intersections from inductive loops to artificial inteligence.

Choosing a camera

Increasing safety and efficiency at intersections with inteligent transportation solutions from FLIR.


Unmatched Insight for City Planning Decisions

Unmatched Insight for City Planning Decisions

AI-powered thermal and visible sensors detect approaching vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians without the need for pre-configured zones. Reliably control intersections and gather valuable positioning, speed, and heading data for a comprehensive, continuous view of your roadways.


Helping Monitor & Optimize Infrastructure Worldwide

Helping Monitor & Optimize Infrastructure Worldwide

Acyclica™ provides high-resolution, real-time traffic information for transportation professionals to make roads safer, reduce congestion, and improve overall efficiency and performance of thoroughfares.