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Whether you are looking to reduce energy cost, increase comfort or manage light control solutions, Lutron products offer the flexibility you need with energy savings you want.

Stand Alone Controls

Lutron Dimmers & Switches

Dimmers & Switches

Lutron Fan Controls

Fan Controls


Lutron In-wall Sensors

In-wall Sensors

LED+ Dimmers

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Wallplates & Accessories

Single Room Controls

Lutron Caséta Wireless

Caséta Wireless

Caséta is a smart lighting control system that is a great solution for giving any client smart lighting control. It was purposely built to work in homes of all ages – it works with older wiring as well as new – and besides being easy to install, it’s very easy to use. Caséta is also the most connected smart lighting control brand, so your clients can seamlessly integrate other smart home products and services such as Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Sonos speakers, and more.


For an easy and efficient way to control both electric light and daylight, look to GRAFIK Eye QS. Fully customizable, GRAFIK Eye QS adjusts lights and shades for any task or activity at the touch of a button. Control any load, from screw in LED bulbs to EcoSystem LED drivers, with premium dimming performance and no need for an additional interface. GRAFIK Eye QS allows you to meet your aesthetic, functional, and regulatory needs for any project or space.


Lutron myRoom is a family of guestroom systems for light, temperature and shade control. Each system can be tailored to specific performance and budget requirements. myRoom is available in two tiers—myRoom prime and myRoom plus—for a solution for every property. All myRoom systems offer beautiful, energy-efficient, affordable control options that will help differentiate your property and delight your guests.

Whole Home System

RA2 Select

Enjoy personalized smart lighting and shade control for any home, any budget, with RA2 Select. Added convenience. More comfort. Enhanced peace of mind. Staying in control of your home, even when you’re not there.

Lutron RadioRA 2

RadioRA 2

This expanded wireless total home control system gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight, electric light, and temperature throughout your home. The system also turns off standby power to small appliances when they’re not in use.

Lutron HomeWorks


For over three decades, HomeWorks has been redefining expectations around the seamless control of light in a home. Bringing together a legacy of best in class dimming technology, window coverings and now, fixtures, the next generation of HomeWorks raises the bar on creating beautiful light throughout the home.

Whole Building System

Energi Savr Node Solutions

This solution is ideal for retrofits and new construction projects. Each module can be installed locally, eliminating the need to run control wires to a centralized panel. Furthermore, the ability to utilize wireless sensors and controls allow for the simple addition of energy strategies, like occupancy/vacancy sensing and daylight harvesting.

Lutron Quantum


Quantum is a lighting control and energy management system that provides total light management by tying the most complete line of lighting controls, motorized window shades, digital ballasts and LED drivers, and sensors together under one software umbrella. Quantum is ideal for new construction or retrofit applications and can easily scale from a single area to a building, or to a campus with many buildings.


Athena is a flexible, simple, all-in-one solution that combines the world’s most advanced light source with intelligent shades and connected apps to deliver a holistic light experience.


Vive is easy to specify, install, and update — meaning you can meet the needs of your building faster, within budget, and in the future.

Lutron Limelight

Limelight by Lutron

Exterior lighting, especially in parking lots and garages, represents a significant aspect of facility operations and maintenance, and it is often controlled independent of other building systems. Limelight by Lutron streamlines specification and design, makes your exterior lighting smarter, and can connect to Lutron Enterprise Vue software to control all building lighting from a single sign-on.

Lutron Enterprise Vue

Enterprise Vue

Enterprise Vue lets you manage all your buildings from an intuitive interface – connecting interior and exterior spaces, new construction and legacy structures, and a variety of building management systems — all from a single software platform that’s usable from your tablet or desktop, on site or remotely.

Lutron LCP 128

LCP 128

Is an easily configured lighting management system that offers automated presets and simple end-user control of all dimming and switching in a facility. LCP 128 is easy to design, install, and program and is perfect for restaurants, lobbies, retail stores, places of worship, auditoriums, spas, community centers, and more.

Lutron XPS


Offering occupancy, scheduled, and manual control, XPS systems provide flexible switched lighting control. XPS integrates with building management and security systems to enhance facility appearance, day and night.


Occupancy Sensor

Lutron offers a variety of occupancy/vacancy sensors so you’ll be able to choose the sensor that best fits your needs, whether you’re looking for a sensor for your home or for a commercial application.

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Daylight Sensor

The sensor detects light in the space and then wirelessly transmits the appropriate commands to the compatible dimming and switching devices via Lutron Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) technology; those controls then adjust the lights to take advantage of daylight.