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And now with the Intelligent Touch Panels and voice control through Amazon Alexa it’s easier than ever to connect your living room and all other rooms in your home into a truly intelligent home. Enjoy more entertainment options, simplify routine tasks, and make better use of your resources to enhance your home experience with a sophisticated yet easy-to-use ELAN home automation system.

Your World Made Simple

An Inteligence + Intuitive Smart Home

Future Ready Design

COntrol System

Elan SC100 System Controller

SC100 System Controller

SC200 System Controller

Elan g! System Controller 2 Serial Ports

g! System Controller 2 Serial Ports

Elan g! System Controller 10 Serial Ports

g! System Controller 10 Serial Ports

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User Interface

Elan EL-ITP-12-WH


Elan EL-ITP-12-BK


Elan EL-ITP-8-WHs


Elan EL-ITP-8-BK


Smarthome COntrol & Monitoring


Elan Smarthome & Monitoring

With an ELAN system, your home or vacation property is never more than a click away. Think of your peace of mind knowing you can remotely check security status, adjust temperature, control key pathway and outdoor lighting and view live video or recorded footage. And if there is a problem – a heating/cooling issue, a water leak, a frozen pipe – your ELAN system will proactively send an outbound alert to notify you immediately. Access that view from anywhere and make sure your home is energy efficient and safe with ELAN Home Control and Remote access.