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A Smart Office is a workplace where modern technology is leveraged to help employees work smarter, better and faster.

Smart Office Solutions

Smart Office Digital Guestbook

Digital Guestbook

The application of digital technology in conventional guest books that provide convenience when filling in guest data.

CCTV Analytics

CTV analytics use scientific algorithms to automatically detect people, vehicles or other objects viewed via CCTV video images.

Smart Office Greeting System

Greeting System

Automatically give greetings to guests and employee who come by integrating CCTV Analytic and Digital Signage.

Smart Office Automation System

Automation System

Control electronic devices within the area using Apps on Smartphone or Tablet.

Meeting Room Booking

Meeting room reservation system using an application to improve office collaboration activities.

Smart Office Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is an electronic sign in the form of a display that can be managed using a software.


Wayfinding is an indoor Navigation application using interactive digital signage technology.

Smart Office Meeting Room Signage

Meeting Room Signage

This Digital signage application specifically implemented for meeting rooms to display information. ex: meeting agendas and room usage.

Acces Control

This security system regulates people access rights in the building and rooms using door access and barrier gates.